We are again proud of our productions and we would like to inform you the last news of our factory line and export schedule on May 2016

As BAF TRAILER,we produced 15

Pcs Lpg tanker trailer for Africa.We thank you to our customer for choosing BAF TRAILER quality.

In addition,2 Pcs front loading Lowbed,2 pcs platform type Lowbed trailer and 1pcs dolly trailer is waiting shipment for Oman.
Not only for Turkish market,we are using our all power to supply best quality products for 35 different countries.Baf cement trailer,fuel tankers,Lpg tanker trailers,all kinds of lowbeds and dumpers can be seen in these countries and in bad conditioned roads…BAF TRAILER trusts all his trailers in terms of power and style.

Nigeria,Jordan,Ukraine,Egypt,Saudi Arabia are only some destinations that we exported our products especially cement trailer and fuel tanker trailer on May 2016.

We will continue to inform our visitors with the last production news and our export events,

Thank you all and best wishes…