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Semi Trailers For Africa

Baf trailer is one of the well known Semitrailer manufacturer company in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Guinea. We have different products for different country regulations and road conditions. Our 4 axle Tipper semi trailers are being used in West Africa. 3 axles double tyre tippers are being used in East Africa. BAF aluminium double tyre fuel tankers are very popular in  Tanzanian and Kenyan market. Our design, axle quality and metal choices can be different for each African States.


Semi Trailers For Europe

BAF is one of the leading producer of semi trailers for European market. We are using hardox and domex steel materials on our semi trailers. All specifications are suitable for he regulations of EU.BPW and Saf axle companies are our main supplier of axle, and Wabco and Knorr companies are our brake sytem suppliers. We are exporting to UK, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain and Italy mostly. In addition, we exported more than 200 semi trailers to Balkan countries such as Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Croatia and Albania in the last 5 years.


Semi Trailers For Russia

BAF  Trailer is manufacturing special semi trailers for Russian market bacuse of the geographical differances of Russian Federation. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan have  generally cold temperatures.We are using special paints on our trailers and special design chassis to enhance the durability of the trailer.  BAF cement bulkers and tankers are on the roads of Russia more than 10 years and they are working till – 50 degrees.

Semi Trailers For Middle East

BAF trailer has been designing and making trailers with special considerations to our Middle East countries such as Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. We are offering a quality range of Semi Trailers to our Middle East customers. Besides, these products are made accordingly as per the requirements of the customers.

Side Lifters

We are recommended amongst the customers for offering a different range of Cements Bulkers. Besides, these products are made accordingly as per the requirements of the clients. Our cement bulkers are tested for their quality before being introduced in the market.

Hardox Semi Trailers

With our rich technical experience and vast knowledge, we are engaged in offering a quality range of Tanker Trailers to meet the needs of our customers. Our tankers are precision engineered and ensures longer functional life.

Meet our Company

BAF Trailer manufactures cement bulker, lowbed, fuel tanker, flatbed, dumper,LPG tanker and different type of semi trailers from Turkey to World

BAF Trailer TURKEY has been manufacturing trailers since 1991. We always give importance to Research and Development to increase productivity and satisfactory of our semi trailers. In 2005 we started to manufacture cement trailer or commonly known silo trailer. After a year R & D we started to produce cement mixers.

Unlike any of its competitors in the industry innovation and R & D developments following our company have kept the work in the foreground. Important steps towards becoming a European brand at our company, quality ISO 9001 – registered by 2000 and started to export. Increase production capacity and manufacturing automation systems to the trailer with our firm.

Baf Trailer Turkey has been manufacturing trailers since 1991. We always give importance to Research and Development to increase to Productivity and satisfactory of our semi trailers.

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