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BAF Trailer manufactures high quality LPG Tank Semi Trailers from Turkey to all over the world. We can use flow meter and pump for discharging in our LPG Tank Semi Trailer according to customer preference and we use ST52 (P355GH or P355NH) material on body of tank for 10 to 14 mm thickness and 12 to 16 mm for front head and deshed end. According to request we can change the size and technical details. As BAF Trailer we can manufacture LPG Tanker Trailer between 20 Cbm to 75 Cbm with hydrostatic test (Test by well known company TUV Austria) and welding certificates . We can also provide ADR Certificates for our LPG Tanker Semi Trailers


  • SAF, BPW Germany or Certificated Quality Turkish Axles
  • Single or Double tyres
  • Flow Meters and Discharging Pump
  • EBS or ABS brake system
  • Aluminum Rims or Steel Rims
  • 2,3 or 4 Axles
  • Mechanical or Air Suspension
  • LPG Trailer, LPG Tanker Trailer, LPG Semi Trailer, LPG Gas Tank Trailer
LPG Tanker Trailer

BAF Trailer manufactures high quality LPG Tanker from Turkey to World. In our LPG Tanker we use flowmeter and pump for discharging and we use ST material on boiler for 11 mm thickness. With this trailer you can carry any kind of gas materials. According to demand we can change the technical specificataions. BAF Trailer can produce LPG Tanker between 20 Cbm to 75 Cbm.