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Side Loader Container Trailer is a kind of semitrailer that allows to load from sideways. It facilitates the transportation of products such as long wooden planks or steel beams. Sideloader is a semi trailer used to transport products and lift containers for very long distances. Side loaders produced by BAF Trailer with very quality and strong materials. With its large volume and durability, our customers can continue in their business with professional transportation via BAF Trailer’s side loader container semi trailers.

Loading capacity of side loader container semi trailers are 50 tons. It is used to transport different size container types like 20, 30, 40 feet. BAF Trailer produces different kind of side loading container trailers in line with the needs of our valuable customers and their demands.

BAF Trailer has brought a different perspective to the transportation business by creating designs that suit the needs our valuable customers. It makes long term usage possibility  with the quality and durable materials that we used. The aim of BAF Trailer is to make transportation process easier for our valuable customers with this new innovations and  it brings easy solutions for needs on the semi trailer usage on their business.


  • SAF, BPW Germany or Certificated Quality Turkish Axles
  • Single or Double tyres
  • EBS or ABS brake system
  • Aluminum Rims or Steel Rims
  • 2,3 or 4 Axles
  • Mechanical or Air Suspension
  • Side Lifter Semi Trailer, Side Loader Semi Trailer, Contaner Side Loader Semi Trailer Trailer, Self Loader Container Trailer
Self Loader Container Trailer

BAF Trailer manufactures Self Container loader  or commonly knows as Side Lifter. This loader can carry 20’’,40’’ and 45’’ containers with self remote control system. According to demand we can change the technical specificataions of the trailer.