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BAF brand Tanker Trailers desinged to carry any liquid items like fuel, oil, diesel, milk, acid, water, Jet A1, slurry and else.Our tanker trailer capacity starts from 20.000 Liter to 60.000 Liter range with 2 to 7 compartments according to preference.
BAF Trailer company is producing and exporting DOUBLE TYRE ALUMINIUM TANKER especially to East African countries such az Tanzania,Kenya,Rwanda and Ethiopia. With the advantage of aluminium material, our customers can carry more loads. Our tankers are buttom can be buttom loading according to customer choice.
BAF Brand’s MONOBLOCK FUEL TANKER is also very popular in Russia and Middle East.The capacities and specifications are determined according to customer choice. BAF Trailer’s main aim is to produce lighter and powerfull trailers.

We manufacture with our worldwide certificates as below;
EN ISO 3834-2 :
Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials

AD 2000 Merkblatt W0:
AD 2000 Merkblatt was developed for pressure vessel design and manufacture. The certification includes assessment of technical documents, assessment of test reports, assessment of testing procedures, check of the reliability of working procedures and personnel appraisal of materials use. W0 certification for product components and HP0 certification for the products are carried out within the scope of AD 2000 Merkblatt.

We have also BITUMEN TANKER and STAINLESS STEEL TANKER in our production line.


  • SAF, BPW Germany or Certificated Quality Turkish Axles
  • Self Steering Axles
  • Single or Double tyres
  • EBS or ABS brake system
  • Aluminum Rims or Steel Rims
  • ST Quality Steel or Aluminium for body
  • Pneumatic Discharge System
  • Mechanical or Air Suspension
  • Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer, Oil Tanker Trailer, Tank Semi Trailer, Tanker Trailer
Mono Block (Bottle Type) Tanker Trailer

BAF Trailer can manufacture high quality 4 axle Tanker Trailer with its certificate for its Worldwide customer. This trailer is suitable for to carrying fuel, diesel, Jet A1, water and any other liquid materials. We offer 2-6 compatments with a high volume in ADR regulations.

High Loading Capacity
Pnemautic Valve System
ADR System

Mono Block (Bottle Type) Tanker Trailer

BAF Trailer can manufacture high quality Bottle Type Tank Trailer for its Worldwide customer. We have 1000 Pcs production capacity per year. All our Bottle Type Tank Trailer has a big advantage on shape and weight. BAF can produce a high volume for Bottle Type Tank Trailer.

High Loading Capacity
Pnemautic Valve System
ADR System

Elliptical Tanker Trailer

BAF Trailer has a producing capacity for Elliptical type Fuel Tanker with its high qualified engineers and workers. Elliptical Type Fuel Tanker also can be use as container carrier by adding a container locks on it. With this trailer you can carry fuel, diesel, JET A-1, water and any other liquid materials. BAF has the capacity for manufacturing more than 1000 pcs Elliptical Fuel Tanker in a year.

Aluminum Tanker Trailer

Aluminum Tanker is suitable for carrying food products and else. BAF Trailer ca produce Aluminum Tanker with its high technology welding machines. BAF Trailer has an adantage on technical specifications which is very important for a trailer. We have 100 pcs of Aluminum Tanker capacity in a year.

Stainless Tanker Trailer

BAF Trailer produce different type of skeletal trailer from Konya Turkey. In our skeletal trailer we use EU standard container locks and steel to make it more useable. We can apply container locks for 20,30,40,45 feet containers. According to customer demand we can change the technical specificataions of the trailer. BAF Trailer can produce skeletal trailer with its high qualified engineers.

Bitumen (Asphalt) Tanker Trailer

BAF Trailer manufactures high quality Asphalt Tanker from Turkey to World. In our Asphalt Tanker we use heating system and we use isolation materials for outside of the boiler. With this trailer you can carry bitumen, hot aspahlt materials. BAF Trailer can produce Asphalt Tanker between 20 Cbm to 70 Cbm.